Jack McCarthy

Jack McCarthy is the youngest deputy head concierge in London. He took on the role at The Cavendish aged just 21 and then in January 2017 made history once more by becoming the youngest concierge to have become a member to be able to wear the prestigious Golden Keys on his lapels with pride.

Having started his career at the tender age of just 16 as concierge assistant at The Savoy Hotel, he is a shining example of how working hard in this industry can really pay dividends. Once he uncovered his passion for hospitality, he developed quickly and was promoted twice in a four-year period at The Savoy ending his stint there as junior concierge in October 2014. He then moved to Brown’s Hotel as concierge where he honed his skills further, before jumping over to The Cavendish and the position he still holds today.

His flair for hospitality means he handles the demands of his role naturally and has the ability to pre-empt guests’ needs efficiently and effectively. His role as deputy head concierge has allowed him to develop his own management strategy and gives him greater responsibility to tackle challenges when they arise confidently.

McCarthy is very much a team player. Last year, he devised a Concierge Cultural Calendar, which gives his colleagues the lowdown on what’s happening in London and lists major events taking place each month, so every team member can feel confident about answering questions relating to London and the local area.


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